UNEATLANTICO Teaching Staff travel to Latin America from today until September 26

24 Aug 2018
UNEATLANTICO Teaching Staff travel to Latin America from today until September 26
Juan Luis Martín, Andrea Corrales, Pamela Parada, Manuel Crespo, María Luisa Sámano, Gonzalo Silió y Manuel Masías.

We are still almost a month away from the start of the academic course at the European University of the Atlantic and many teachers are taking advantage of these weeks to travel to Latin America. From today until September 26, teachers from different degrees of the Santander campus will visit the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala y Mexico.

All of them fly to an average of two countries and will give lectures at different universities, colleges, institutions and reference centers.

The first one to leave will be the professor and coordinator of the Degree in Sport and Exercise Science, Manuel Crespo, who will travel today until September 5 to Costa Rica and Colombia. During this time, he will address issues such as anterior cruciate ligament retraining and strength training in the team sport, or the the physical activity in the natural environment, among others.

In addition, the PhD and director of the degree in Psychology, Juan Luis Martín, starts next Tuesday his trip through Ecuador. His lectures will be about the importance of the family in the children psychological development, and he will also talk about conflict prevention and resolution in school bullying situations.

From Thursday 30th, the PhD in Molecular Biology Andrea Corrales and the director of the degree in Primary Education (Bilingual), Gonzalo Silió, will give different lectures in Guatemala, y El Salvador y Honduras, respectively.

She will address the importance of physical exercise and health, and will share some keys to transform stress into an ally, and he will lead some workshops and conferences about digital transformation.

Pamela Parada PhD in Psychology will be from the 2nd until the 7th of September in the Dominican Republic, where she will talk about the psychosocial effects of drug consumption in teenagers and child molestation.

Finally, between the 17th and the 26th of September, ethe PhD and professor of Biostatistics and Environmental Technology at the European University of the Atlantic, Adrián Rodríguez, will carry out many conferences in Mexico about the role of new technologies in the environment.

Although all of them agree that it is a tired experience because of their “tight”, agendas, most of them repeat every year and go back to Santander with the satisfaction of having had the opportunity to target heterogeneous groups –among which there are professionals from all the areas, but also general audience– with concerns in the different topics in which each of them is specialized.

Also, the director of the Polytechnic School, the PhD and professor of the degree in Computer Engineering, Manuel Masías, has been in Peru throughout August. In his case, and even if he has taken advantage of his visit to give some conferences, his trip involved other representation responsibilities.

The organization of these professors’ conferences, which is possible thanks to the representative offices of the European University of the Atlantic in 35 countries, , is another example of the importance that UNEATLANTICO confers to the internationalization and knowledge transfer.