UNEATLANTICO professors give a series of lectures in different countries from Latin America

04 Feb 2019
UNEATLANTICO professors give a series of lectures in different countries from Latin America
Gonzalo Silió, Manuel Crespo, Mireia Peláez, Pamela Parada and Juan Luis Martín

A group of professors from different undergraduates offered by the European University of the Atlantic have traveled to different Latin American countries to give lectures about their specializations in the next few days.

With the final exams of the first semester in the final phase, they will be divided into a total of six countries, in which they will visit different institutions to share their experience in the fields in which they develop their teaching and professional career.

Doctor Juan Luis Martín, who manages the degree in Psychology, will visit Mexico, where he will give his lecture “The importance of the family in the psychological infant development”. The lecture will take place next 14th February at the Centro de Evaluación y Formación Docente de la Secretaría de Educación from Campeche, at 10 o’clock. Martín will also give this lecture at Distrito Federal, Puebla and Merida (Yucatan).

Meanwhile, Dr. Pamela Parada, Psychology professor also teaching at the European University of the Atlantic has traveled to Guatemala City, where she will be speaking about “Child Sexual Abuse: detection and prevention in the school environment”. Later on, she will be at Quetzaltenango City presenting her lecture “Therapeutic approach to grief: behaviors, attitudes and feelings about loss”.

In Honduras, Dr. Mireia Peláez, professor at the degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, will give a lecture about “Maternal health through physical exercise”. The act will take place in the capital, Tegucigalpa. The coordinator of the same degree at the European University of the Atlantic, Professor Manuel Crespo is at El Salvador, where he will present “Strength training for team sports”. The talk will discuss different forms of training for team sports (football, handball, basketball …) that allow tasks that have a greater dynamic correspondence with the reality of the game, and prepare the player for situations that happen in the competition.

In Colombia, the guest is the Academic Director of the Degree in Bilingual Primary Education, Gonzalo Silió; while Dr. Jesus Arzamendi will intervene in various events organized at the Dominican Republic.

In March, other representatives of the European University of the Atlantic will cross the ocean to participate in different events. They will be the chancellor, Rubén Calderón, who will travel to Panamá and Costa Rica; the general secreary, Roberto Ruíz, who will travel to Bolivia and Perú; and the Academic Vice-Chancellor, Silvia Aparicio, who will visit Ecuador.