UNEATLANTICO and the Positivo University of Brazil Agree to Double Degrees

28 Oct 2019
UNEATLANTICO and the Positivo University of Brazil Agree to Double Degrees

The officer of the International Relations Office of the Positivo University of Brazil, Glavio Leal Paura, visited the European University of the Atlantic campus on Friday where he met with his counterpart Juan Luis Vidal, as well as General Secretary Roberto Ruiz and the Director of the Degree in Journalism, Javier Odriozola.

The aim of said meeting was to close a deal on an agreement that would enable the students from both universities to enjoy internships between the two countries with the possibility of earning a double degree.   

Students from Journalism will be the first to enjoy said opportunity, though the idea is for the agreement to be available for every other degree where an academic correlation exists.

In this way, if everything progresses as planned, students from the Positivo University will arrive at Santander in February, with the students from UNEATLANTICO traveling to Brazil in September during the next academic year.

 “This agreement with UNEATLANTICO represents the first of the hallmarks that we have signed with a University from Spain”, stated the International Relations officer from the Positivo University for whom this is great news.

As he explained, “interest from our students is currently centered in Europe”. “If Brazilian students were historically observed as having a clear preference for educational courses in the US, we have now detected a shift in the trend toward Portugal and Spain”.

Apart from the academic and personal opportunities that living such an experience benefits a student, Leal Paura added that the Positivo University has a language center at its disposal where international students may learn Portuguese without any additional costs.

“We understand that Brazil is a complicated country for those who do not speak the language, which is why we offer these facilities for all foreign students”, he added.

The Positivo University of Brazil is located in Curitiba, the largest city in the south of the country. Leal Paula described it as one of the safest capitals of Brazil, “it is cosmopolitan and very European”, he stated.

It is a private university used as a reference within the country’s educational sector with 51,000 enrolled students in bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs specializing in all knowledge areas.