The European University of the Atlantic suspends its face-to-face teaching activities until March 29th

13 Mar 2020
The European University of the Atlantic suspends its face-to-face teaching activities until March 29th

The European University of the Atlantic has decided this morning to suspend its face-to-face teaching activity, as well as all extracurricular academic activities until March 29th, according to a resolution signed today by its rector, Rubén Calderón.

With this decision, UNEATLANTICO continues to strictly comply with the recommendations and decisions made by the national and regional health and educational authorities.

As established in the rectoral resolution, the cessation of activities is temporary and covers two academic weeks. At the end of this period, the Governing Council will approve a new academic calendar to recover the affected school term. The Governing Council has also planned to enable the necessary teaching measures to guarantee the proper progression of the academic year if this situation should be extended over time.

Preventive measures

The rectoral resolution states that as of the 16th, access to the University’s facilities will be limited to those personnel that work in direct relation with the institution, authorized visitors, suppliers, security, and cleaning personnel during restricted hours from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

On the other hand, the suspension of academic activity implies the closure of facilities where people may gather in crowds; places such as the Assembly Hall, student dining halls and the cafeteria, classrooms and laboratories, library and study rooms and sports facilities will remain closed.

The Rector’s resolution also indicates that teaching and research staff and administration and service personnel will continue to carry out their activities at the University during the approved restricted hours.

Permanent contact and coordination.

On 27 February, the University set up the Coordination Commission for the coronavirus crisis, which is in permanent contact with the health and education authorities and is the body responsible for coordinating, informing and establishing the relevant measures at all times. The Commission reiterates its recommendation to members of the university community to scrupulously follow the recommended general health safety and prevention protocols.