Hugo Banchón, student from the Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management (MBA) publishes a book on leadership

10 Jun 2021
Hugo Banchón, student from the Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management (MBA) publishes a book on leadership
Hugo Banchón, along with student other students from the Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management (MBA) publish a book.

Ecuadorian student Hugo Banchón, a student from the Master in Business Administration and Management (MBA), a degree offered by European University of the Atlantic, has just published along with other students of the academic program, the book “LeadershipBeyond Borders, Perceptions from Several Countries”.

Thus, we have had the opportunity to interview the student to learn about the starting point prior to them drafting the book and their objectives for publishing it.

Firstly, how did the idea arise for the book “Leadership Beyond Borders: Perception from several countries”?

The idea was put forth by Daiana Paxiao, one of the leading women representing Brazil. She integrated several representatives from each country into her team, to create a book that would guide our future leaders and help them learn about each of our countries. Among us authors, we agreed on how important it was to create a book and be able to help young people, adults, students, and the general public.

How many people collaborated in your edition?

Nine authors from different Latin American countries: Daiana da Silva, Giliard de Vargas, Isabela de Carvalho, Marcelo Miranda, Karla Caballero, Mayra Huamán, Yuri Gaspar Martins, Tchingui Kapusso, and me Hugo Banchón Arias.

How did it feel to be chosen as representative of Ecuador? To be able to write about leadership in your country?

Incomparable joy and pride to be able to represent my country in such an important subject as leadership within the political and business sphere at the international level, allowing me to give the best of myself. To give all my knowledge, but above all, to do it with love. That is why in the book I mention an unpublished phrase of my own as «Sacrifice with love will lead you to success».

What challenges has editing a book between professionals from different parts of the world posed?

The first challenge was to be able to understand each other in several languages, Portuguese, English, and Spanish. But we succeeded. And for this very reason we have published the book in these three languages on the Amazon platform for every country in the world. It was hard work, but we did it.

We believe that the book should reach companies, institutions, and universities so that they could understand what leadership is like in various countries with different cultures.

Another very important challenge was to be able to help others. And trying to position the book as one of the most widely read.

What will readers find inside the book?

They will find knowledge on leadership from each of the authors as reflected in the chapter from their respective countries.

They will be able to learn and analyze how a leader should act in different parts of the world. How the human factor is the fundamental pillar of any business or institution.

What do you hope to achieve with this publication?

Reach out to young people who want to lead, either professionally or personally.

Do you consider that the Covid-19 pandemic has imposed a new style of leadership at the worldwide level?

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected our health and economy, but our emotions as well. Meaning that many have had to reflect on the basis of what can be accomplished by being cooped up at home without knowing what to do. This has led many people who were overshadowed in their companies or personal lives, to take the helm so as not to remain stagnant, with their leadership skills beginning to flow and, thus, creating a new leadership style which I call Passive Online Leadership (LI.P.OL, Liderazgo pasivo on-line).

Why leadership, and how does it relate to the MBA you are studying with your fellow co-authors?

The word leadership was born because of all the situations that are happening in the world: problems in politics, in business, in personal life, lack of authority, less and less interest in leading us towards a better world, etc.

We decided along with some MBA students from the European University of the Atlantic belonging to the FUNIBER collaborative network, to carry out this challenge of uniting several cultures and focus on the main theme which is «Leadership Beyond Borders, Perceptions from Several Countries».

Sharing the leadership styles of each country can help us focus at the international level. As such, this book will help you become a great leader, whatever our nationality. That is why all the authors came together for this same purpose.