Cantabria Begins its Path Towards Normalizing its Day-to-Day Activities

14 May 2020
Cantabria Begins its Path Towards Normalizing its Day-to-Day Activities

The Province of Cantabria has officially entered phase 1 of the Plan to transition toward new activities as decreed by the Spanish Government. As detailed in El Diario Montañés, the province meets the health criteria established by authorities to continue onto the next phase and begin opening its economic and social activity for its people.

As ratified last weekend in the Spanish Official Gazette, the phase transition not only means an improvement in the conditions in which Cantabrians’ lives will unfold, but also a support to the health management system in the Province, which has guaranteed the levels of safety and medical care toward the population at all times.

Cantabria continues to be one of the Spanish regions with the lowest rate of infections, illnesses, and clinical admissions to hospitals as indicated in the information provided daily on Cantabrian Health Services.

On the other hand, the beginning of phase 1 in Cantabria (and in most of the bordering provinces) implies restarting a part of its economic life. Some economic and social activities that may be carried out again will begin this Monday, May 11th. According to the newspaper El Confidencial, if the deescalation schedule continues as planned, it is possible for a good part of the activities to be normalized in the summer months.

During this time the European University of the Atlantic has continued to work in providing a quality academic offer under the circumstances and limitations of the moment. In this context, the University is doing all possible things to adapt to the new situation in a responsible, rigorous, and professional manner. Our objective has always been to offer certainty and maintain teaching quality in all our studies.