UNEATLANTICO’s representative in Gabon visits the Santander campus

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Priscillia Lois Mourou, Eugenie Eyeang and Roberto Ruiz today at UNEATLANTICO | Gabon
Priscillia Lois Mourou, Eugenie Eyeang and Roberto Ruiz today at UNEATLANTICO | Gabon

The representative of the European University of the Atlantic in Gabon (Africa), Eugénie Eyeang, has visited the campus in Santander this morning. She was accompanied by the Secretary General, Roberto Ruiz. Eugénie Eyeang, also a professor at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Libreville, has had the opportunity to visit all the facilities and know the work methodology of UNEATLANTICO teachers.

Eugénie Eyeang’s visit is part of the University’s international relations policy and has the objective to present the different degrees and diplomas of UNEATLANTICO in all those countries which the University has a professional relationship.

Precisely, the Secretary-General explained this morning that “the European University of the Atlantic is expanding its presence in various African in English, French and Portuguese-speaking countries”. In fact, this course 2016-2017 the students from Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Morocco have enrolled to the University.

“When we receive new international students in Santander, we feel the satisfaction of having successfully completed a hard work that begins with the selection of the best representatives of the University in different countries, emphasizes Roberto Ruiz. “The presence of foreign students in the classroom is part of a global process of training that we also wish to offer to our national students”.

During the visit, Eugénie Eyeang had the opportunity to meet the student Priscillia Lois Mourou, also from Gabon. They exchanged views and held a very relaxed conversation about Santander, student routines or methodology of work.

Eugénie Eyeang is a professor of Language Teaching in Ecole Normale Supérieure de Libreville in Gabon, but she has studied a significant part of her degree in Spain. In fact, because of her work as a researcher, she knows very well many American and European universities. And, during the visit, she commented that the methodology of UNEATLANTICO reminds her the methodology of these universities.

“I love the importance given to the practice in this University, I think that  it teaches students how to handle some tools that would enable them in the labor market”, concluded Eugénie Eyeang.


Priscillia Lois Mourou, Eugenie Eyeang and Roberto Ruiz today at UNEATLANTICO | Gabon

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