Eva Díaz Tezanos: “Today, the society counts with more free citizens”

29 Jun 2018
Eva Díaz Tezanos: “Today, the society counts with more free citizens”

“With this event, we are celebrating that society now counts with more free citizens”, said this evening the vice-president of the Government of Cantabria and counselor of Universities and Research, Eva Díaz Tezanos. Such words were pronounced during the graduation of students from Psychology and Human Nutrition and Dietetics, who are part of the first class of students from the European University of the Atlantic.

In this same line, she stated that even when graduation events are “always emotional” this one is “twice as much” for in this case, students will be remembered as the first ones of degrees that began in September 2014. After years of work, she said, “you are finishing an academic phase, which will not be the last” since, as she literally said “society is increasingly demanding a continuous training”.

The Universities leader recalled “the importance of training and knowledge to keep up with the challenges of the 21st Century”.

During this same act, the dean of the Health Sciences Faculty, Sandra Sumalla, emphasized that both the Degree in Psychology and in Human Nutrition and Dietetics have in common the training of professionals who are “clearly devoted to helping people and guide them so that they can achieve some changes in their lives.

For that reason, the also doctor and professor of UNEATLANTICO invited the graduates to collaborate between them, create multi-disciplinary teams and work jointly “for the sake of the patients”. As well, she encouraged students to never stop being curious and to never stop learning, for it is the only way to fight against toxic information and pseudo-sciences, since they are “present nowadays”.

We as health professionals need to be the role model of good practices, basing on scientific evidence”, concluded the dean, who did not want to finish her speech without thanking the “first class of students” and their families for trusting the academic institution “back when the easy choice was not to do so”.

The Psychology student and delegate of students in this act, Ruth Lobera, remembered some stressful and sleepless nights as well as some good moments with her peers and thanked each one of them. In addition, she wanted to stress the “professionalism” of the teaching staff who, as she said, “have been more than that

Lobera finished the speech with the certainty that she will always remember her university life as an “incredible phase” and shared with her peers the idea that this first class of students “will always be the hallmark” of the academic institution. “Now I know we are better trained to keep on learning, fighting and make some good in our environment”, she concluded.



In that same line, the CEO of the Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER), Santos Gracia, invited the recently graduated students to make available their knowledge and capacities to the service of the community in order to improve the world they live in and concluded with the desire that “dreams keep coming true and that new paths continue to open up in the personal and collective future of Cantabria”.

The European University of the Atlantic’s chancellor, Rubén Calderón, recalled that the institution reaches maturity with this first class and he recognized that, if there were some things missing during this time “it was not due to a lack of interest or effort”. Students can be sure, he said, that they counted on the “support, commitment and love of each one of the professors and administration staff”.

The graduation act of the first class of students from UNEATLANTICO concludes tomorrow at 11:00am with the graduation of the Degrees in Business Administration and Management, Audiovisual Communication, Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations and Translation and Interpretation.

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