A chat with Valeria Urbina Vado, Nicaraguan student of the Undergraduate in Business Administration and Management

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The broad international communityof theEuropean University of the Atlantic, which already exceeds the 30 nationalities and more than a hundred members, is one of the identity traits of the institution. This cultural variety, which is also applicable to the teaching staff, has resulted in a cosmopolitan campus with global vocation. On this occasion we have had a chat with Valeria Urbina Vado (we do not forget her request to include her second surname) Nicaraguan student taking theUndergraduate in Business Administration and Management, who told us about her experience in Santander. “I met the European University of the Atlantic through FUNIBER and i liked it. I always wanted to study abroad, learn a new culture, and Spain was offering me that opportunity, so I decided to take it.”

Valeria highlights the environment that she has found in the city of Santander. “I like the environment in Spain, it feels as my second home.” And with respect to the group of students with whom she goes to class day after day, she underlines its multicultural character. “I am sure that my class is the one with the greatest diversity in the whole university. There are students from four continents, there are even two Chinese students and I learned a lot with them. They are teaching me mandarin chinese! I know that I can take a great benefit from studying with people from other countries because then I get to know their culture”.

The Nicaraguan student is also approaching new gastronomical ways, and not only Spanish ones. “I usually meet up with my friends for lunch or perhaps we cook a typical dish from our countries. So far, we have cooked Chinese cuisine and Mexican cuisine. We also celebrated the Chinese New Year. We were all dressed in red to wish good luck to our partner. Now it is me who has to cook a typical dish of my country”.

Valeria does not hesitate to recommend to other Nicaraguan students the experience of studying at theEuropean University of the Atlantic. “The environment in Santander is very healthy, very safe; it is the perfect place to come to study”.