Sofía Gómez, student of Business Administration and Management, presents the volunteer group of UNEATLANTICO

14 Nov 2023
Sofía Gómez, student of Business Administration and Management, presents the volunteer group of UNEATLANTICO

The Universidad Europea del Atlántico (European University of the Atlantic, UNEATLANTICO), through the management of the Oficina de Cooperación y Acción Social (Cooperation and Social Action Office, OCAS), is launching one more year the volunteer group of the University, coordinated by the fourth year student of the degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE), Sofía Gómez Pino.

Sofia has been involved in UNEATLANTICO’s volunteer group since she was in her second year. According to her, what motivated her to take part in this solidarity activity was to feel more involved in the university: “The volunteer group allowed me to meet people from other degrees as we worked to help with different activities.”

On the other hand, she commented that her role as the person in charge involves leadership and coordination. It is also responsible for recruiting new volunteers and ensuring the effective development of the initiatives carried out.

How and why join the volunteer group?

The procedure to follow to be part of the group consists of contacting directly with the students Sofía Gómez or Arianna Ursic, student of the degree in Advertising and Public Relations (PRP) and who will be the next coordinator. From there, they are added to a private group where the different opportunities available are disseminated, as well as the necessary steps required for each project. It is also possible to receive more information through the Oficina de Cooperación y Acción Social (OCAS).

As for why to be part of it, Sofia emphasized that the benefits of volunteering are many. “In terms of personal development, this experience allows you to acquire empathy, improve your teamwork skills, and develop a sense of social responsibility.” She added that it also has an impact on professional life because “it can help you gain relevant experience for your future career. There are countless activities that can be done that can be related to the studies and serve as an internship.” Likewise, within the academic field, it is rewarded by the validation of volunteer hours up to a maximum of 2 credits.

The volunteer group of UNEATLANTICO has participated in a variety of activities and projects. As Sofia mentioned, some examples include collecting garbage on beaches, participating in solidarity races, collaborating with the food bank, among others.

Personal perspective

Through her volunteer experience, Sofia believes that she has acquired “soft skills” and competencies that are very applicable within her field, which is Business Administration and Management. “It has helped me improve my active listening, conflict resolution, and time management skills, which helps me work effectively with people and understand their needs.”

Finally, her advice to all students who are considering volunteering is to get involved! “Volunteering is a very nice experience that makes you reflect and is very rewarding, even if it seems like you won’t have time to dedicate to it, no matter how little it is, it’s better than nothing, and it will make you feel very good.”