UNEATLANTICO personnel attended a training session on workplace guideline practices concerning COVID-19

09 Jun 2020
UNEATLANTICO personnel attended a training session on workplace guideline practices concerning COVID-19

A training session took place on Monday on the workplace guidelines practices concerning COVID-19, which took place in the European University of the Atlantic auditorium.

The entire teaching and administrative staff of the university attended the session.

This training was provided by María Rosa Ochoa, the Occupational Prevention Officer in UNEATLANTICO. She explained the protocols to be adopted when resuming the teaching and administrative activities in the university marked by the new measures.

The difference between COVID-19 and Sars-COV2 was also explained. The form of transmission was stressed as being by area.

She also pointed out that the first symptoms associated with this virus were: shortness of breath, fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing. However, new symptoms have been added as well, such as:

  • tiredness
  • muscle pain
  • nasal secretion and congestion
  • headache and sore throat
  • diarrhea
  • fatigue

During the training session, the officer explained what we should do if we begin to experience these symptoms. The procedure to follow is to stay at home and call a medical center where your family doctor will give you the guidelines.

As for the measures for avoiding contagion, the principles of prevention were pointed out as the best to follow. The recommendation, then, is to maintain a social distance of two-meters. If you are unable to do so, masks must be worn, with barriers used such as the screens available at the university. Similarly, workplace ventilation is essential.

The procedure for washing your hands with both soap and water and hydroalcoholic gels was also explained. You should do so for 40 to 60 seconds.

Lastly, the issue with masks was discussed. It is common for people to use homemade cloth masks. However, there is no scientific proof of their effectiveness, by which their use is not advisable. Therefore, we must ensure that what masks we wear meet the necessary requirements and have undergone laboratory tests to guarantee their usefulness.

The preventive measures taken within the facilities of UNEATLANTICO are the following:

  • Use of masks
  • Availability of hydroalcoholic gels
  • Pedestrian signaling arrows
  • Stickers indicating the social distance to be maintained
  • Protective screens
  • Daily disinfection of the workplace and facilities
  • A single entryway different than the one used for exiting

As for the exams that will take place in July, prevention measures are optimized to ensure the students’ well-being. Therefore, exams must be taken with a mask. Gels will also be available to disinfect your hands.

On the other hand, the exams will be carried out in different shifts and schedules to avoid crowding. All classrooms shall be disinfected before and after each round of exams.