The European University of the Atlantic activates its distance learning mode

30 Apr 2020
The European University of the Atlantic activates its distance learning mode

Today, online courses began to be taught at the virtual campus of the European University of the Atlantic. It is a gradual process that aims to successfully conclude the educational programs in the different grades under an extraordinarily complex context like the one we are now living.

The university is working extensively on adapting the subjects to the virtual mode, offering the same quality of teaching, and learning to comply with the syllabus, competences, and results.

The distance modality is being activated today for each of the subjects. In this first period starting today and up to April 30th, a subject from each program and grade will be taught where students will study the entirety of said subject at a distance.

Also, a second period has already been scheduled from April 27th to May 15th. This second phase will be activated according to developing events and the decisions of the competent authorities.

In this way, the following resources will be available to students on the Virtual Campus:

  • A subject as planned by the professor for that period.
  • The teaching materials for these subjects; these materials consist of academic contents, resources (videos, self-assessment tests, forum activities, a question bank, etc.).
  • Evaluation activities (exercises, case studies, papers) will also be uploaded to the Virtual Campus for their correction.

On the other hand, the final evaluation tests for the subjects being taught in the distance learning modality will be carried out once classes resume.

The professors of the European University of the Atlantic are making an important effort to adapt the subjects to this new way of teaching. They will be monitoring the students’ entire learning process and will be available to answer any questions via the Virtual Campus.

The entire team at the European University of the Atlantic is doing a great job of adapting to this new situation. The objective is to anticipate events by preparing scenarios so that students always have the proper tools available for their continued education despite any adverse circumstances that may occur.