Regional government lifts Cantabria from the state of alarm and UNEATLANTICO prepares its classrooms to receive students starting this Monday

19 Jun 2020
Regional government lifts Cantabria from the state of alarm and UNEATLANTICO prepares its classrooms to receive students starting this Monday

The decree signed by the President of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla, in an extraordinary issue published by the Official Bulletin, has seen the Government of Cantabria lift the autonomous community from its state of alarm and enabled travel between the Basque Country. The decree includes an order on the Health Department which includes the health and occupancy measures that will govern the «new normality». Both went into effect last midnight.

With preventive measures taken into consideration, the three fundamental premises are the pillars that the new situation faces: the mandatory use of masks, social distance of one and a half meters between people, and constant hand hygiene.

The order also regulates the opening of children’s playgrounds and makes express reference to the prohibition of holding parties, festivities, pilgrimages, and popular events until July 8th, which specifically affects the bonfires of San Juan. From then on, town councils will have to adapt the general rules of the «new normality», for example, in the case of concerts and open-air shows, the maximum occupancy is set at one thousand seated people, always respecting the 75% occupancy cap, and always ensuring safety measures at entry and exit ways.

On the other hand, the maximum occupancy in bars, hotel establishments, shops, shopping centres, libraries and cultural centres, is now at a 75% maximum in all the municipalities of Cantabria, whatever their respective population numbers may be. However, maximum occupancy capacity is reduced to a third for dance clubs and nightlife venues.

Similarly, the capacity limitation is also lifted according to the municipal census, since the resident population usually increases considerably in such tourist municipalities as Laredo or Noja. This means that the 75% occupancy maximum in hotels and shops will also apply to municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants, which had been previously authorized 100% capacity.

In line with these measures, the European University of the Atlantic will reopen its classrooms next Monday 22nd to provide tutorials for the second term subjects prior to the final exams in July, which will also be held in the classrooms.

In this regard, a series of measures have been put in place to maintain safety on campus, including:

  • Entrance to the main campus building through the north door and exit through the south door.
  • All students will wash their hands with hydrogel and wear a mask on entering.
  • Classrooms have been distributed to maintain safe distances with zigzagged assemblies. Chairs cannot be moved.
  • Virucidal liquid and paper for cleaning computers and peripherals are available in all classrooms.
  • All students must wear masks in the classroom.
  • When the tutorials and exams are over, students must vacate the University to avoid crowding.
  • A specific protocol has been established for CAFYD degree professors.
  • Those computers available for use will be marked in laboratories.