Education Summit in Brussels: UNEATLANTICO strengthens its connections with China

22 Sep 2023
Education Summit in Brussels: UNEATLANTICO strengthens its connections with China

In an effort to increase international ties and promote student mobility, the rector of the Universidad Europea del Atlántico (European University of the Atlantic) (UNEATLANTICO), Rubén Calderón, and the director of the International Relations Office (ORI) of the university, Juan Luis Vidal, met in Brussels with representatives of the Chinese People’s Mission in the European Union.

The meeting, which took place in August, was attended by the delegate of UNEATLANTICO in China, Dong Chen. During the meeting, various issues related to educational cooperation between Europe and China were discussed, including the possibility of exchange scholarships for European students wishing to pursue part of their studies in China.

The UNEATLANTICO delegation met with the Minister Counselor for Education Affairs, Mr. Ma Tao, and the Ambassador and Director of the Chinese People's Mission to the European Union, Mr. Fu Cong, who expressed their interest in strengthening educational connections between China and Europe.

The event, called “EU Window Chinese Government Scholarship 2023 Plenary,” was enriched by the presence of prominent leaders and key figures in the field of education and international cooperation, including Tian Lulu, leader of the China Scholarship Council, and Pallavi Malhotra, Director of the Huawei ICT Academy Program in Western Europe.

Key issues explored at the conference, which was attended by more than 20 Chinese universities, included educational diplomacy for sustainable development, promoting mutual understanding and sustainable mobility through international education, and the convergence of the power of education with entrepreneurial skills.

Juan Luis Vidal, director of the International Relations Office of the Universidad Europea del Atlántico, highlighted China’s growing influence in the university environment. Vidal pointed out that the Asian country has established itself as a leader in the university market, with more than 3,000 higher education institutions and a current enrollment of 45 million students.

Similarly, in the framework of UNEATLANTICO’s international vision, Vidal stressed the priority of establishing strong collaborative ties with China, reaffirming the institution’s commitment to internationalization and expressing his confidence that China will become a key destination for UNEATLANTICO’s academic mobilities and that the university will position itself as a relevant recipient of students of Chinese nationality in the coming years.