UNEATLANTICO students visit Centro Cívico Tabacalera and learn how to organize school trips

29 Nov 2023
UNEATLANTICO students visit Centro Cívico Tabacalera and learn how to organize school trips

Last Friday, November 24, students from the Primary Education (EP), as well as Sport and Exercise Science (CAFYD), and Psychology (PSI),  with a major in Education, attended a day focused on the organization of school trips at the Centro Cívico Tabacalera (Tabacalera Civic Center). The group was accompanied by UNEATLANTICO professors, Samuel Allende and Josep Alemany, academic director of the Degree in Primary Education and the University Master in Teacher Training for Compulsory Secondary and Bachelor’s Education, Vocational Training and Language Teaching.

The purpose of this activity was to provide students with new tools and experience to learn how to organize school trips. In addition, thanks to the support of the Centro Cívico Tabacalera, the students of the three grades learned about the educational resources offered by the Civic Centers of Santander. As a result of the three lectures given throughout the day, the students listened to different experts in the field who gave them a more global idea of how project-based learning works, as well as the importance of psychology in the educational environment.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the development of this activity helped to consolidate interpersonal relationships among the students of the different degrees.

The activity could not start in any other way than with a guided tour to get to know the largest vertical garden in Europe, located in the Centro Cívico Tabacalera. After this interesting visit, the day began with a series of activation games that were led by a group of CAFYD students.

Afterwards, the attendees received a talk on “How to work with projects in Primary Education,” given by Marc Clariana, an Early Childhood Education teacher for six years. Currently, Clariana is an English teacher in the Initial Cycle, as well as a teacher of Catalan, Mathematics, and Knowledge of the Natural Environment and a tutor in 6th grade. He combines all this educational work with being a French teacher in the Superior Cycle and in the first year of ESO at the Escuela Mare de Déu de Lourdes (Mare de Déu de Lourdes School) in Barcelona.

After Marc Clariana’s presentation, the students of CAFYD, Primary Education, and Psychology received the talk “How do Social Services work?”, given by the heads of the Social Services of the Santander City Council.

After a break, the group of UNEATLANTICO students listened to a lecture by psychologist, social educator, and teacher trainer, Albert Bover, from the Centro de Psicología Vitalpsic (Vitalpsic Psychology Center). Bover shared with the students the talk “Building people. The challenge of psychology in the educational framework of the 21st century.”