UNEATLANTICO participates in a new edition of the ‘Study in Spain’ fairs in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

14 Feb 2024
UNEATLANTICO participates in a new edition of the ‘Study in Spain’ fairs in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

The Universidad Europea del Atlántico (European University of the Atlantic, UNEATLANTICO) stands out in the “Study in Spain” (Estudiar en España) fairs, events organized by the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education (Servicio Español para la Internacionalización de la Educación, SEPIE) in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and in San Juan (Puerto Rico).

In Santo Domingo, more than 1,000 Dominican students have shown interest in UNEATLANTICO’s undergraduate and postgraduate academic offerings, as well as in the financial support scholarships provided by the Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) for master’s degree studies, both on-site and online. The fair, which was held at the San Judas Tadeo School) in downtown Santo Domingo, allowed Dominican students to learn more about Spanish universities, resolve their doubts, participate in talks, and receive information on scholarship programs. 

UNEATLANTICO also participated in a reception hosted by the Spanish Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Mr. Antonio Pérez-Hernández y Torra. This event, which took place within the framework of the “Study in Spain” fair, was an opportunity to welcome the Spanish universities present in Santo Domingo.

The representative of UNEATLANTICO in the Dominican Republic, Yajahira Madé, highlighted the high turnout, noting the significant interest of Dominicans to study in Spain. She also emphasized that UNEATLANTICO’s offer has been attractive to young people who aspire to study and live in Santander, experiencing an international university education. It should be noted that more than fifty students from the Dominican Republic have studied at UNEATLANTICO.

On the other hand, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Consul General of Spain, Josep Maria Bosh Bessa, has organized a meeting between the authorities of Puerto Rico and Spanish universities, with the aim of discussing possible collaborations between both educational systems. In addition, this meeting led to the signing of a mobility and exchange agreement for students and professors between UNEATLANTICO, represented by Dr. Jesús Arzamendi, and the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), represented by its rector, Mr. Luis A. Ferrao Delgado.

In addition, UNEATLANTICO has initiated negotiations with other Puerto Rican educational institutions, such as the Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Politécnica de Puerto Rico, Ana G. Méndez University, and Sagrado Corazón University, with the aim of establishing agreements to promote mobility and academic cooperation.

The “Study in Spain” fair in San Juan has also been a success. The university’s stand has attracted an audience interested in learning about the educational offerings of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, both online and on-site, as well as the FUNIBER scholarship opportunities for Puerto Rican professionals seeking to specialize.

Dr. Carol Morales, representative of UNEATLANTICO in Puerto Rico, highlighted the importance of networking in the internationalization of the university and expressed her satisfaction with the possibility of establishing working relationships and inter-university projects with several Puerto Rican institutions.