UNEATLANTICO celebrates the opening ceremony of its new academic year and awards diplomas to the best students.

10 Oct 2022
UNEATLANTICO celebrates the opening ceremony of its new academic year and awards diplomas to the best students.
The ceremony took place in the University’s auditorium attended by different authorities from the region.

The European University of the Atlantic has held the official opening ceremony for its 2022-2023 academic year. An event that coincides with awarding diplomas to the students who graduated last year with the best records.

The ceremony took place in the auditorium and, as traditional, the Lyrical Choir of Cantabria performed the pieces “Ave Verum” by Mozart and “Veni Creator Spiritus” by C. Franck.

The solemn opening ceremony was attended by various authorities, councilors, representatives of companies, associations and professional associations of the region, as well as the spokespersons from the Parliament of Cantabria and the Director General of Universities, Research and Transfer of the Government of Cantabria, Antonio Dominguez-Ramos.

The Secretary General of the University, Roberto Ruiz, proceeded to read the 2021-2022 academic report, highlighting the most important milestones such as its agreement with the Santander Bank to launch the Chair of Innovation in Food Industry, the 2022 International Congress of Climate Action celebrated in the campus, and the creation of the Chair of Clinical Psychology between the University and the Padre Menni Hospital Center. He also mentioned the more than one thousand existing agreements between UNEATLANTICO, companies and institutions in Cantabria, as well as the extracurricular work placement programs managed by the Centro Empresa Universidad.

Ruiz also awarded the students who obtained the best records, who received a diploma from the academic directors.

For his part, the President of FUNIBER, Santos Gracia, proceeded to the laudatio of Dr. Manuel Hernández Ruigómez, Consul General of Spain in Mexico, who was awarded the honorary medal of the University as the highest institutional distinction.

“This event draws attention to the competence and achievements of Dr. Hernández Ruigómez, representing a sincere expression of gratitude to the University and to many young people who, far away from here, will have the opportunity to study and have an education thanks to the commitment of our awardee,” said the president of FUNIBER.

After the medal presentation by UNEATLANTICO’s rector, Dr. Manuel Hernández Ruigómez thanked the institution for the award and highlighted the work of FUNIBER and UNEATLANTICO. Subsequently, he gave an inaugural lecture entitled “The Black Legend: England’s greatest victory over Spain”.

For his part, Antonio Dominguez-Ramos congratulated the work of the students with the best records and highlighted the internationalization of the academic institution. “We are once again celebrating the start of a new academic year in which students will begin or finish their bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees with guaranteed degrees and with the highest quality assurance,” he said.

In his speech, the rector of UNEATLANTICO, Rubén Calderón, thanked all the attendees for their presence and made a brief review of the history of UNEATLANTICO, which currently has fifteen official degrees. In his speech he highlighted the social function of the Ibero-American University Foundation (FUNIBER) and concluded by congratulating the work of the teaching and research staff, as well as the administration and services that make up UNEATLANTICO.

The ceremony ended with the interpretation of the pieces “Gaudeamus Igitur” and “Tollite Hostias” by the Lyrical Choir of Cantabria.

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