The VII International Congress on Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention organized by UNEATLANTICO has begun

08 Apr 2021
The VII International Congress on Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention organized by UNEATLANTICO has begun

Tomorrow, April 9, begins the VII International Congress on Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention in Physical Activity and Sport, and the 5th Congress on Health and Physical Exercise.

This international congress, organized in partnership with the European University of the Atlantic, FUNIBER, and Jam Sports, will be held under an online modality starting tomorrow and will end on the 25th of this month. Renowned international speakers will lead presentations divided into three thematic areas:

  • Recovery Area: April 9, 10, and 11. In which topics related to sports health, injury prevention, and training for female athletes, and young athletes in training will be addressed.
  • Prevention Area: April 16,17, and 18. Related to the adequacy of the conditional-coordinative structure in workloads.
  • Performance Area: April 23, 24, and 25. Medical therapeutic area, which will address the prevention, identification, and application of sports injuries and the keys to development and recovery.

To date, six editions of the congress have been held, making it the national benchmark for high-level sports recovery presentations.

It is worth mentioning that the members of the scientific and organizing committee include the professors of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Álvaro Velarde and Manuel Crespo. And those registered for the congress will also be able to enjoy different presentations by leading professionals in the field of sports medicine, health sciences, and exercise, or the physical preparation of sports teams.

The congress will begin tomorrow at 16:15 (Spanish time), with the first lecture starting at 16:30 with Dr. Julio Calleja and his presentation “Recocery. ¿Where are we headed?».

Along these same lines, the Congress will have some changes with respect to the initial programming. The speakers Paulino Granero, Avery Faigenbaum, and Tamara Rial will not be able to attend, however, three new speakers have been added. On the one hand, Ismael Camenforte, who works as a physical trainer for the Danish National Football Team, will explain in his lecture scheduled for April 10, the essential training load in football. On the other hand, the physiotherapist of the Williams sisters’ medical team, Rubén Mateu, will speak on “Combining scientific and clinical evidence to achieve high performance success during competition”, referring to the importance of achieving the best performance in high-level competitions, such as the ATP circuit. Lastly, Mireia Peláez, Doctor in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, will also be present, whose lecture will focus on pelvic floor training.