The Universidad Europea del Atlántico receives the director of ANECA, Pilar Paneque

07 Sep 2023
The Universidad Europea del Atlántico receives the director of ANECA, Pilar Paneque
From left to right: Vanesa Gancedo, Jesús Peña, Rubén Calderón, Pilar Paneque, Silvia Aparicio, Susana Gutiérrez.

The director of the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA), Pilar Paneque Salgado, visited this Tuesday the campus of the Universidad Europea del Atlénatico (European University of the Atlantic) (UNEATLANTICO). During her reception, Mrs. Paneque Salgado has participated in meaningful meetings and constructive discussions on key issues related to higher education and academic quality.

The day began with a cordial meeting in the office of the Universidad Europea del Atlántico rector, Rubén Calderón, where relevant aspects of recent regulations applicable to universities were discussed, including the Organic Law of Universities and the Royal Decrees on university operation and teaching. This conversation marked the beginning of a productive day of brainstorming and collaboration.

Subsequently, Mrs. Paneque Salgado met with the university team in charge of managing various education-related matters. Among those present were the Vice Rector for Academic Planning and Faculty, Silvia Aparicio, as well as members of the Quality and Studies Office, including Susana Gutiérrez and Judith Brito, the Deputy Secretary General, Jesús Peña and, on behalf of the Centro Empresa Universidad (Business University Center) (CEMU), Vanesa Gancedo.

The meeting addressed various topics of crucial importance to the university community. Thus, there was a dialogue on the six-year research periods for Teaching and Research Staff (PDI), the new regulations for the six-year transfer periods, the institutional accreditation of the centers, the Royal Decree on Accreditations, the AUDIT international quality program, as well as aspects related to micro-credentials and its own degrees. In addition, the aspects related to the students’ curricular practices have been analyzed in depth, always in a continuous search to improve the educational experience.