The Spanish Department of the UNEATLANTICO Language School receives accreditation from the Instituto Cervantes

14 Jul 2023
The Spanish Department of the UNEATLANTICO Language School receives accreditation from the Instituto Cervantes

The Instituto Cervantes, a Spanish institution present in more than 45 countries that focuses on promoting the teaching, study, and use of the Spanish language, recognizes the Spanish Department Language School of the Universidad Europea del Atlántico (European University of the Atlantic) (UNEATLANTICO) as an “Instituto Cervantes Accredited School.”

For UNEATLANTICO, this accreditation has meant a seal of quality in relation to its activity oriented to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language offered from the Language School, which has a significant impact on its international student body.

On the other hand, in order to obtain the recognition, the Language School has undergone a thorough evaluation in several areas. These include the organization and operation of the school, teaching and learning services, facilities and resources, dissemination of information about the school, and compliance with legal requirements.

More specifically, some of the highlights that were evaluated include:

  • Compliance with legal requirements for teaching.
  • Existence of a plan to ensure adequate progress of students.
  • Presence of a team of qualified teachers.
  • Participation in training programs offered annually by the Instituto Cervantes to the accredited school.
  • Use of a methodology adapted to the needs of the students.
  • Conducting evaluations of the programs and courses offered.
  • Promotion of student participation in official Spanish certification tests.
  • Availability of equipped classrooms and adequate resources for teaching.
  • Establishment of efficient procedures for collecting user feedback.
  • Attention to complaints and demands.
  • Offering complete and detailed information on available courses and services.
  • Transparent and truthful dissemination of their offer.
  • Commitment to a continuous evaluation and self-evaluation process through periodic evaluations every three years.

Commitment to quality education

In addition to the benefits of accreditation, the school is committed to maintaining and continually improving the quality of its teaching. This includes making decisions based on the conclusions of the reports received after the evaluations and receiving guidance for the development and implementation of improvement plans. Likewise, access to teacher training programs offered by the Instituto Cervantes, as well as enjoying favorable conditions to participate in projects and access academic documents and training courses offered by the Teacher Training Department of the Instituto Cervantes.

UNEATLANTICO is proud of this achievement and of being able to offer its students a Spanish teaching school accredited by the prestigious Instituto Cervantes. This recognition has reinforced the university’s commitment to academic quality.