The first edition of the University Expert in sports injury rehabilitation of UNEATLANTICO begins

13 Feb 2024
The first edition of the University Expert in sports injury rehabilitation of UNEATLANTICO begins

The Universidad Europea del Atlántico (European University of the Atlantic, UNEATLANTICO) has launched on February 7, 2024, a new blended learning course of University Expert in Sports Injuries Rehabilitation. Its director, Carlos Lago, who also coordinates the degree in Sport and Exercise Science (CAFYD), tells us all the details.

The opening ceremony took place in the classrooms of the university and was led by the coordinator and director of the CAFYD degree, Carlos Lago, together with Florent Osmani and Roberto Cabielles, professors of the degree and who have led the structure and organization of the teaching schedule and planning of the course.

The purpose of the course was explained, as well as its great importance for the students, since it will complement their training to be able to face the professional demands of the figure of the physical-sports therapist, the professional opportunities for graduates in Sport and Exercise Science who need to specialize in the field to be able to work collaboratively with doctors and physiotherapists, either in the field of sports performance or in the field of health in multidisciplinary centers.

Beyond the initial context, the organization of the course was presented to the enrolled students from the structure of the two subjects and the final project to the blended learning, which combines the theoretical contents through the university’s virtual platform, with a webinar/virtual seminar every week and culminates with theoretical-practical face-to-face classes at the university facilities every 2-3 weeks.

The teaching staff that will teach in this academic program includes professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, physical and sports trainers, as well as university professors with specialization in this branch of knowledge. Some of the names confirmed to the students are professors such as Aurelio Corral, Fernando Maniega, Florent Osmani, Manuel Crespo, or Roberto Cabielles, as well as professionals such as the physician Adrián Rivas, Gonzalo Garea, Jose Antonio Fernández Dívar, Luis Morales, Nacho Torrescusa, Rogelio Diz Pérez, among others.

Once the presentation by the university expert was over, the first master class began via webinar with Pablo Pérez Urtaza, a rehabilitation specialist with more than a decade of professional experience in soccer who has worked at RC Celta de Vigo, UD Almería, the methodology department of the medical services of the Atlético de Madrid, and in a Finnish first division team. In his lecture, Pablo delved into the figure of the physical-sports therapist, the phases of an injury, and the role of the therapist in each of them. He also stressed the importance of constant updating through scientific literature in order to record interventions with injured athletes and optimize their performance throughout the process.

After an intensive 3-hour opening session and an interesting round of questions and answers, the inauguration was concluded. The creation of this program of University Expert in Sports Injury Rehabilitation has its origin in the purpose of providing job opportunities to students of UNEATLANTICO. Sports rehabilitation emerged two decades ago and, in recent years, has experienced significant growth as a stable profession, with applications in sports clubs, gyms, sports centers, and even in independent practice. 

In the field of prevention and rehabilitation, the university identified the need to provide students with the necessary skills to meet the demands of the labor market. For this reason, a few years ago, the decision was made to design an expert course in rehabilitation that would allow students to deepen their knowledge in the treatment of a wide range of pathologies and sports injuries, preparing them in a more solid and complete way for this exciting and growing professional area.

Likewise, those who complete this program will have various opportunities in the professional field, among which the work of a physical-sports therapist stands out. This function has become increasingly requested by companies, sports clubs, and multidisciplinary centers. It is not limited only to fitness training to lose a percentage of fat but also encompasses a significant portion of the population seeking to improve their physical condition and facing challenges such as hernias or previous injuries with latent discomfort. This is where a rehabilitation specialist can make a difference and help these individuals make a significant leap in their quality of life and physical performance.

Therefore, students should consider this training program. Its intensive blended format allows them to acquire the fundamental competencies to become quality therapists in just one semester. This option is highly complementary for those who have recently completed their degree or are in the first years of their professional career in this field.