The Cantabrian Community achieves its objective and moves onto Phase 2 of the de-escalation

22 May 2020
The Cantabrian Community achieves its objective and moves onto Phase 2 of the de-escalation

Phase 2 is the third of the phases that the Spanish Government has established for the country’s social and economic deconfinement.

Cantabria has achieved its objective thanks to the commitment and responsibility of its citizens. As the Ministry of Health states, “82% of the infected people in the region have already recovered from the coronavirus”.

As for health care workers, one of the most affected professions by this health crisis, the data show that 96% of health care professionals have recovered. In this sense, the Cantabria Health Services has an updated map of cases in the community that enable health care advances to be visualized up to date.

Thanks to these encouraging data, the Autonomous Community has managed to continue onto the next phase within the Transition Plan toward a New Normality.

The new social measures will be less restrictive, but a safe distance must still be observed as a preventive measure. With regard to places of work, a portion of the European University of the Atlantic’s personnel will be returning to their offices, with all the necessary provisions in the building to work within the conditions required by the authorities. Among the departments that have already resumed their duties in-office is the Admissions Service, which will be immediately operational to receive students and families under the appropriate safety measures.

On the other hand, beginning on May 21st the Spanish Government has decreed “that whenever keeping an interpersonal safe distance of at least two meters is not possible, the use of masks becomes mandatory for everyone aged six years and older on public roads, in open air spaces and in any enclosed space for public use or open to the public, their use being recommended for children between three and five years of age, as well” as indicated in Orden SND/422/2020 published by the Official State Bulletin (BOE).