The Bank of Spain will offer “Financial Education” to UNEATLANTICO students

13 Mar 2024
The Bank of Spain will offer “Financial Education” to UNEATLANTICO students

Dr. Silvia Aparicio, Vice Rector for Academic Planning and Teaching Staff of the Universidad Europea del Atlántico (European University of the Atlantic, UNEATLANTICO), together with the Conference of Deans of Economics and Business and in collaboration with the Bank of Spain, will promote the training of the institution’s students in Financial Education. 

In this way, the aim is to improve the financial knowledge of UNEATLANTICO students so that they can make informed decisions and thus improve the management of their personal finances. 

In Aparicio’s words, “We spend more time on social networks and leisure than on planning our independence with a good financial education. And without money, we are more dependent. With good training in this area, it is possible to study which assets give us a higher return, study their risk, and this will result in greater savings, which will give me greater economic independence. And this is what I want for my students and what young people today should aspire to.”

From UNEATLANTICO’s degree in Business Administration and Management (ADE), and in collaboration with the deans of the university faculties, we want to promote good financial behavior regarding the finances of our students.

In addition, Aparicio has met with the members of the Board of Directors of CONFEDE and with Ms. Cristina Menendez de Luarca, Executive Coordinator of the Entities Conduct Department at the Bank of Spain, and Roberto España Seijas, Head of the Financial Education Division of said department. The purpose of this meeting was to encourage the Faculties of Economics and Business in Spain to act as promoters of financial economics training for university students.

On the other hand, the next CONFEDE meeting in Malaga will analyze the results of the Financial Skills Survey conducted by the Bank of Spain, as well as the framework of competencies established by the European Commission in terms of financial matters: economic and financial environment, inflation, climate change, money and transactions, savings planning, management, risk and profitability, sustainable finance, crypto-assets, and entrepreneurship. This meeting will result in actions to be implemented by the Faculties of Economics and Business in Spain in terms of financial education. 

UNEATLANTICO has proposed a Bank of Spain training within the subject of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship involving 12 of the 15 degrees offered by the University.