Two Translation and Interpretation students begin their academic term in the University West, Sweden

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Two Translation and Interpretation students begin their academic term in the University West, Sweden

Two Translation and Interpretation students from the European University of the Atlantic have just begun their academic term in the University West, in the city of Trollhättan (Sweden), as result of the exchange agreement of both institutions.

They are Pedro José Garrido and Sara Sainz and they are the first students to benefit from the exchange programs managed by the UNEATLANTICO International Office, and they will enjoy an academic term in Sweden in order to enhance their education, both academically and culturally.

Arguments to chose Sweden are based in different criteria, as it is stated by Pedro José and Sara. “We are in our third year studying Translation and Interpretation in the European University of the Atlantic; however, we are going to study different fields, not only Linguistics, but also Economy. First, we will study subjects dealing with Language and Communication in Sweden and we will conclude our academic term studying Macroeconomics. We chose this country because we wanted to know a very different place for us and a different lifestyle that we are used to. Besides, living in Sweden allows us to travel to closer European countries”.

They are now in a process of adaptation to the country and its habits in a little Swedish city. “We are in a city called Trollhättan, close to Gothenburg. We are studying in the University West (Högskolan Väst)and our first impression about Sweden and Swedish people have been very positive. Our welcome has been gratifying. It is a small city and we are adapting to it very easily. And about Swedish people, they are very nice and kind.

One of the aspects that has surprised them most are the schedules. “Yes, their schedules are very different from ours, both in their daily life and work. Besides, it is a very cold climate and gets dark early. We are staying in a residence with other international students, which is located about twenty minutes walk to the University. Being with the rest of students from different countries, we all talk to each other and from the beginning it led to a very good environment”.

Both students from UNEATLANTICO appreciate very positively this term in Sweden. “In addition to academic benefits, since we have considerably improved our English level, we think that this experience will give us friends from different cultures and it will open several doors in our future”.