Members of the Dominican Republic delegation visit UNEATLANTICO for the presentation of a magazine

23 Jun 2021
Members of the Dominican Republic delegation visit UNEATLANTICO for the presentation of a magazine
Representatives of the Dominican Republic visit the Campus of the European University of the Atlantic.

The European University of the Atlantic received a visit from several members of the Dominican Republic delegation. In this regard, Yasmin Hernández Pérez de Bonilla, Rafael Menoscal Reynoso Rodríguez, Nelson Encarnación, and Domingo Antonio Gómez visited the University Campus for the launch of the  País Dominicano Temático magazine.

Thus, the representatives of the Dominican Republic toured the University facilities while guided by Dr. and Vice President for Academic Planning and Faculty, Silvia Aparicio.

In addition, on Tuesday, June 22, the presentation of the País Dominicano Temático magazine was held. The event was held in the Assembly Hall of the academic institution and attended by University professors and students from different degrees.

An activity in which journalists and teachers, Manuel Ángel Castañeda, director of El Diario Montañés for 31 years and Dolores Gallardo, President of the Press Association of Cantabria, participated.  Dominican communicators Rafael Menoscal and Nelson Encarnación also presented the tenth and eleventh editions of the País Dominicano Temático magazine, which gave rise to a colloquium on journalism, fake news, the digitalization of the press, legislation, and professional ethics.

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Manuel Ángel Castañeda introduced the guests, who were grateful to the University for the opportunity to make this presentation. “This opportunity is very important for us, to be able to talk and have an exchange with the young people who will someday replace us,” Nelson Encarnación stated, vice president of País Dominicano Temático.

Rafael Menoscal pointed out that “the magazine was born in the shadow of different approaches in the search for true journalism, with contents that seek to fill those gaps that the traditional media has already closed. It is a magazine for debate in which we prioritize academics, research, and education”,

It is important to point out that several members of the European University of the Atlantic have collaborated in this magazine through the publication of articles. This is the case of Jesús Peña, member of the technical secretariat of the chancellor’s office, or Dr. Mariacarla Martí, professor of the degree in Psychology.

Likewise, after an interesting talk on communication, the students from the University had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the guests.  In this sense, it was a pleasure for the European University of the Atlantic to enjoy the visit by the Dominican Republic delegation members. Once again, this visit demonstrates the University’s close relationship with this and other Latin American countries.