Meet the rest of the teams that will represent their country in the II Pre-University Pan-American Debate League.

22 Jun 2021
Meet the rest of the teams that will represent their country in the II Pre-University Pan-American Debate League.
These are the teams that will represent El Salvador, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador.

The second edition of the Pan-American Debate League organized by the European University of the Atlantic counts with the participation of eight Latin American countries (Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Bolivia).

A total of 52 teams have participated in the national leagues but only one will represent their country in the Pan-American League.

The topic of discussion in these national leagues has been: “A vaccination passport should be mandatory for all healthcare workers worldwide”, through which the members of each team had the opportunity to train their public speaking and argumentation skills.

In previous publications, we were already presented to the teams that will represent Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Bolivia, with the rest being announced today.

Thus, the teams that reached the national final from the Dominican Republic were from Colegio San Judas Tadeo. On the one hand, Team St. Jude with 148.32 points and, on the other, Jóvenes Solidarios with 150.49 points. The latter will dispute the Pan-American league in in the debate on “The use of animals in experimentation is fundamental in advancing biomedical research

On the Ecuadorian side, the Educar 2000 Team from the Educar 2000 Educational Unit School reached the national final with 106.90 points against Los Rockstars Team from the IPAC School, which was proclaimed the winner after obtaining 138.69 points.

Lastly, Team Walte 1 from Augusto Walte School and Team Alemana 1 from German School Deutsche Schule San Salvador, who disputed a hard-fought final to represent their country, El Salvador. Thus, the first team obtained 178.64 points compared to 179.97 points for the German School.

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As with the other national leagues, the best speakers of each debate have been named after the jury’s nomination:

  • Sara Isabel Jupiter of the Jóvenes Solidarios team from the San Judas Tadeo School (Dominican Republic) with 6 nominations.
  • Daniel Téllez of Los Rockstars team and Catalina Solís of the Educar 2000 team, both with 4 nominations (Ecuador).
  • Mariel Navarro with 6 nominations from Augusto Walte School (El Salvador).

Finally, the first debates of the Pan-American Pre-University League will take place today.