Elder Bol, Computer Engineering graduate and current master’s student, explains how UNEATLANTICO has changed his life

02 Jun 2021
Elder Bol, Computer Engineering graduate and current master’s student, explains how UNEATLANTICO has changed his life

Elder Bol, from Guatemala, is a graduate student in Computer Engineering from the European University of the Atlantic and current student of the Master’s Degree in Strategic Management in Information Technology with extracurricular work placement in the area of computer science.

In 2017, Elder Bol began a new stage of his life in Santander far from his hometown of Cobán. Thus, the Communication Office of the University has had the opportunity to interview the student and tell us about his story and the new life he started in UNEATLANTICO.

First of all, why did you decide to study in Spain and how did the opportunity to study at UNEATLANTICO arise?

Thanks to the International Iberoamerican Foundation (FUNIBER), I got to know this University and had the opportunity to apply for a scholarship for my undergraduate studies here.

I always wanted to study outside my country and I was always attracted to Europe.

My parents are farmers and they wanted me to dedicate myself to this industry in the future. In fact, my education and preparation was always based on that. After finishing primary education, I was in an agronomy-based boarding school where we worked all day.

Until my senior year of high school, I didn’t know what a computer was and a teacher gave us typing lessons on a computer. For me, it was like a TV where you could write. And because of that, I became interested and started practicing on my own in cybercafés since I didn’t have a PC and they were very expensive.

Telling my parents about my desire to study a degree in computer engineering here was a bit complicated but they finally supported me.

In this sense, how would you rate your experience at UNEATLANTICO?

I always tell everyone who asks me that both this University and the scholarships offered through Funiber literally give me a new life.

You can immediately see a different world and a different setting in terms of culture, security, cleanliness of the city, order, etc.

I am also very proud to be a part of UNEATLANTICO because they have taught me many things, among them, how to manage real work-related settings. I have had the best professors who have taught me all the basics; another thing that the University offers you is to share the same passion with other people.

Finally, what are your plans for the future?

I would like to stay in Spain; the truth is that there are many job opportunities here and that is an advantage. For example, you receive a multitude of job offers through platforms such as LinkedIn. So, if Spain gives me the opportunities, I plan to take advantage of them for me and my family.