Another biannual issue of the scientific Psychology Research journal, in which a group of professors collaborated in, has been published.

07 Jul 2021
Another biannual issue of the scientific Psychology Research journal, in which a group of professors collaborated in, has been published.
The scientific Psychology Research journal, promoted by UNEATLANTICO, has just published its fourth volume.

The scientific journal Psychology Research, promoted by the European University of the Atlantic, has just published its fourth volume corresponding to the months of January to July 2021.

In this sense, the MLS Psychology Research journal was born as a biannual publication with the aim of publishing original research and review articles in basic, applied, and methodological areas that contribute to the progress of any scientific psychology field as its main objective. Due to the international nature of this publication, the articles included in this journal are also available in several languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French.

In addition, a group of professors from UNEATLANTICO are part of the journal’s editorial team. Members include Dr. Juan Luis Martín, who serves as editor-in-chief, and Dr. David Gil, Dr. Maríacarla Martí and Dr. Sergio Castaño, who are the associate editors of the team.

Thus, in the current issue of Psychology Research, the authors discuss a series of current scientific articles, beginning with the perception of stress in older adults and the therapeutic use of social robots during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another topic discussed is the stigma on the quality of life in adults with HIV/AIDS, a work that was born with the purpose of finding out if there was an aggravation of the consequences of HIV after the stigma behind it.

On the other hand, an article derived from the Doctoral Thesis research on resilience, disability and higher education is included under the title “Growing up in adversity: the resilience of students with disabilities at the National University, Costa Rica”.

This volume also includes the topic “Drug dependence and emotional dysregulation: a systematic review”, which provides two explanatory models of emotional regulation.

In addition, the journal includes a study on psychological harassment at work (Mobbing) and its impact on the workplace climate and teachers’ performances in the public school system in the southern area of Puerto Rico.

The last study analyzes the relationship between experiential avoidance, ruminative response style and insomnia as a function of gender, age, and academic level. Under the title “Correlational study: Experiential Avoidance, Insomnia and Rumination in Adolescents”.

From us at the University, we encourage all those interested in the subject to read this new volume, especially the students of the Degree in Psychology and the Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology.

You can read the articles through this link.