UNEATLANTICO and Tt Madrid will develop their own degree to train teachers of English for speakers of other languages

10 Jan 2019
UNEATLANTICO and Tt Madrid will develop their own degree to train teachers of English for speakers of other languages

The European University of the Atlantic has reached an agreement with LETS Group, a group of educational companies, for the development of their own degree for foreigners who want to learn how to teach English to non-English speakers.

This training program will be taught by the prestigious Tt Madrid training center, which has more than thirteen years of experience in the training of English teachers. In collaboration with UNEATLANTICO, this institution will offer a structured Academic Program in 3 Levels and Certificates, with a duration of nine months that includes a four-week intensive Teaching English as a Foreign Language course (TEFL), with internship and Spanish classes included. The course provides high quality training in the theoretical and practical preparation of TEFL, designed by an international team with experience in more than a dozen countries worldwide.

The European University of the Atlantic will be responsible for developing three-level certificates to complete the studies, basically including programs on Spanish language and culture.

In the first level, Spanish Culture and Advanced TEFL, Program I, students will receive a Teach English as Foreign Language course, with a duration of four weeks. Later on, students will have Spanish classes to help them understand both Spanish language and culture. During this course, they will also obtain the main practical skills in teaching English as a foreign language.

On the other hand, the second and third level offer a supervised internship with a certificate of completion; such internship will be paid and managed by LETS Group, they will be done at various external companies, with a supervised quarterly assessment.

Once the programs are completed, the students will receive their corresponding certificates, that is to say, their own degrees called Certificate in Spanish Culture and Advanced TEFL: Program I, Program II and Program III.

Applicants selection consists of a rigorous process in which only those with a degree or extensive experience in education will be admitted. Applicants must apply by sending their resumes with a cover letter and a registration form, detailing their working experience and education, from high school to higher education.