Personal Skills Workshop for the Employability and Entrepreneurship of Young People

21 Nov 2019
Personal Skills Workshop for the Employability and Entrepreneurship of Young People

The Cantabria Mediation Association (AMECAN, Asociación de Mediación de Cantabria ) –sponsored by the Santander City Council– will be providing a personal skills workshop for the employability and entrepreneurship of young people in the European University of the Atlantic.

This activity, which is part of the initiatives organized by UNEATLANTICO’s University Business Center (CEMU, Centro Empresa Universidad) to improve employability and entrepreneurship among students, will offer a series of practical tools that will help enhance their personal skills and enable them to achieve personal and professional excellence.

The job skills workshop will take place for two days. The first session is being held this morning from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and the next session will be on Thursday 28th, at the same time.

The program is distributed in two large blocks. Today’s session includes a presentation on coaching and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) as tools for personal excellence, as well as the different dynamics in which students work on the current situation of their beginnings, and in defining their ideal state.

The following Thursday, the session will focus on the skills, abilities and the resources necessary for students to develop themselves independently within different personal and professional contexts, as well as developing proactive leadership skills and strengthening their self-esteem.

Vanesa Gancedo is the head of the CEMU, the department in charge of facilitating the search for professional internships, promoting the student’s introduction into the job market and guiding them in the creation of their own company.

In her opinion, this workshop offers students the opportunity to strengthen their skills and abilities, but will also, as she stated, “allow them to detect weaknesses and thus modify those behaviors, values and beliefs that hinder their growth at all levels”.  

The University Business Center (CEMU) organizes different activities, conferences, workshops and lectures throughout each academic year aimed at training students and guiding them in their search for employment.

Its tasks include visits to different kinds of companies and workplaces, testimonies in which managers, technicians, company owners or entrepreneurs describe the real world to students, or workshops aimed at training students and their search for employment.