UNEATLANTICO’S chancellor, Rubén Calderón, presented the university’s methodology and campus in various Chinese cities

23 Jun 2017
UNEATLANTICO’S chancellor, Rubén Calderón, presented the university’s methodology and campus in various Chinese cities
UNEATLANTICO’S chancellor, Rubén Calderón, presented the university’s methodology and campus in various Chinese cities

The European University of the Atlantic’s chancellor, Rubén Calderón, has been in an institutional visit to the People’s Republic of China, where he has held several working meetings with representatives from universities and other educational institutions of this Asian country, resulting in the signing of a series of conventions.

Calderón began his journey in Beijing, the capital, where he visited the Qiany Spanish School, one of the most important Spanish Language Schhols in China. This center, for example, gave lessons to the volunteers of the 2008 Olympic Games. The chancellor visited classrooms, spoke to the students and held a meeting with the Qianyi’s chancellor and vice-chancellor, after which the two institutions signed a collaboration agreement.

Later, and in the same city, Rubén Calderón was received by the Education Secretary of the Embassy of Spain in China, José Antonio Benedicto Iruine. Calderón informed him on the progress of the European University of the Atlantic into the Chinese educational market, since it is an option for Chinese who wish to have access to a high-level European training.

From Tianjin to Hainan

The trip continued in the city of Tianjin, where the rector visited the Sino-German University of Applied Sciences, where he presented the UNEATLANTICO’s learning model. Calderón highlighted the important similarity in the methodology the two universities followed, for it is much focused on employability. The visit served to establish the first foundations for a future collaboration that would affect the undergraduates in Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Business Administration and Management.

In Tianjin, Ruben Calderon visited the Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College. During the meeting, the two institutions presented each other the foundations of their academic programs, their faculties and the international communication policy that both follow. After the signing of the agreement of collaboration, the chancellor was invited to visit the campus and laboratories.

Henan was the next town on the European University of the Atlantic chancellor’s agenda, which began in the Henan Vocational & Technical College. In this institution, he had a meeting with the head of the Center for Cooperation as well as the deans of Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Gastronomy and Nutrition.

The Henan Vocational College of Agriculture was the next stop of the institutional trip where Calderón was received by the chancellor, who had the opportunity to present the methodological bases of the center, as well as their plans in the international area. Ruben Calderón presented the European University of the Atlantic and considered the possibilities of collaboration in the undergraduates in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Engineering of the Food Industries and even Gastronomy. Later, the chancellor was able to show the UNEATLANTICO’s to a group of more than two hundred students.

The tour of Rubén Calderón was completed in the Professional College of Foreign Studies of Hainan, which has thirty-four faculties for the study of 12 foreign languages: English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Arabic. After meeting with his counterpart and analyzing the situation, the faculties of each institution and the international plans, Calderón visited the facilities and was able to meet the heads of the International Exchange Center and of the Faculty of Spanish Philology.